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1875 Philadelphia Street
Indiana, PA 15701


We are a full service home care store. We sell carpet shampooers, carpet cleaners, upright vacuums, canister vacuums, stick vacuums and central vacuum systems. We service all makes and models of vacuums and carpets shampooers. We also install and service central vacuum systems. 

Modular Home Retrofit

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Modular Home Retrofit

Evan Strittmatter

Central Vacuum Systems are a wonderful convenience to have in all homes. Whether your home is a sprawling mansion or a quaint cottage, central vacuum systems make cleaning easier, more efficient and faster. For this installation, our customers had lived in a home with a Vacuflo central vacuum for close to 20 years and after moving into a home without a central vacuum, they realized they couldn't live without it. This home was a modular home sitting on a full basement. Even though the house was finished, we were able to easily retrofit a system into the home. 

The upstairs was covered by 2 inlet valves on each end of the house. Because the interior walls in this home were 2x3 instead of the now standard 2x4, getting the tubing inside the wall cavity would be very difficult. With the customer's approval, we brought our pipe up into the back of a closet, then into the wall to attach to an inlet on the other side of the wall. The visible pipe is concealed within a closet, hiding it from view. In the basement, a valve attached to a support beam and another one next to the unit completely covered the basement area.

The customer selected a Vacuflo 466Q power unit which provides incredibly powerful suction for the 4 inlet valves and when paired with a Vacuflo EDGE attachment kit, their carpets have never been cleaner. The Vacuflo power unit is vented outside where the machine exhausts all of the fine dust, allergens and germs, keeping them from recirculating inside the home. A Lifetime Warranty covers the unit for the original purchaser protecting their investment. 

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